Friday, May 6, 2011

Aspen Roofing offers 30% off a Sol-Ice System

Check out the Aspen Roofing clip on Real Green World with the guys from Sol-Ice. 

Aspen Roofing is proud to offer 30% off the installation of a Sol-Ice system from now until Labor Day. Summer is the best time to install these products before we get busy in the fall, and the snow and ice soon follow! Ice dams can be damaging to your roof system, or gutters. There are ways to prevent this from happening. One way is to install a Sol-Ice system right under your roofing system. One of the great thing about this system is that there are no ugly wires or heat cables visible to the eye.  Some of their products can actually be used in conjunction with solar power and save you money through reduced energy costs. We are the Utah Autorized Roofing Installer for Sol-Ice and have a variety of roofing products including high end shingles, metal, copper, and cool roofing systems.

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The Aspen Roofing Team